Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 7

 Today was a more laid back day. We rode the metro to the Central National museum of art/ Reina Sofia. there was more modern art here. more my taste; better than yesterday. We checked out Picasso's Guernica which was my favorite.

** little history: This painting was done by Pablo Picasso as a request. This represents a bombing done by Nazis in rebellion against the Spanish government. people where bombed out of there homes and those who tried to flee where gunned down from planes. This painting is a depiction of suffering; everyone is dying.
We saw a lot of Salvador Dahli and Buster Keaton film that really grabbed my attention. We went to an Italian restaurant for lunch and I ate so0o much I almost exploded. It was really good! We then had three hours to ourselves. This was shopping time. I didn't get anything, i was exhausted from the trip. We headed back to Segovia just in time for dinner.

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