Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 6

Our weekend in Madrid began with meeting at the bus station at 7:30 a.m. and I woke up at 7:11... good thing I set everything out the night before!
It took about an hour and a half to ride to Madrid then we took the metro through the city to get to the hotel. I can say that it seems to be a lot cleaner and less violent throughout the underground system but there are still those musicians and people working hard, begging, to get that extra Euro. 
 There is protesting going on in one of the main centers. El movimiento.

We took a long walk through the heat to hang out and have a picnic in the park. After eating, in this same park we paid to take out a row boat. It was so0o0o beautiful. I would definitely love to go there regularly if I lived here. 

When our three hour lunch break was over, we headed across the street to the Prado. 

There we experienced the original paintings of Velazquez, Goya and El Greco. Like most museums, there were no photos allowed to be taken. So after the 2 hours of being in an art museum, we went back to the hotel. This became freshen up and sleep time.
Night life in Madrid I hear is amazing. We have been walking around and seeing so much that we were just exhausted. Knowing this we went out and bought wine and talked amongst ourselves. Not bad. I went out to find Spanish empanadas which were nothing like mom makes. (miss those mom!)

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