Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 4

Today was a do- whatever- you- want day after classes.  So we went shopping and walked around. Can't forget that we talked about the art of the Golden Age with Dr. McCarthy, while we had refrescos and helado de chocolate...
I realized that I haven't been writing about the good times we have as tourists in Segovia. We religiously go to bars and eat tapas like its nobody's business. We plan on attending the Best Tapas competition at the end of the month. So as you know we are training for that now. We need to build up our palettes. We have also been shopping. Don't worry I'm thinking of you all, as well as myself! There are some nice things here. I plan on changing my entire wardrobe and dressing as a European. They dress so nice and look good all the time. As well should I.
When we have to we will be students. But for the time being we will be a bunch of students being tourists and have a good time! [more on the topic to come]

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