Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 3

Today we managed to have 2 classes. We did the regular thing which is wake up, meet for class, come home to eat and relax until about 4p.m. We got to go on an excursion today to the Alcazar de Segovia. This is a giant fortress that is located at the end of where the water travels from the aqueduct. This castle is where Walt Disney got his idea to make what is now the castle in Disney World. Go figure! 

There is a mote around this castle but water never filled it. Nope, just bears and lions. No big deal.

To get to the top of this amazing castle we had to climb 152 steps. But they weren't normal steps, No. They where spiral steps up!

Once we reached the top  the view was amazing! But I think everywhere you look in Spain the view is spectacular. We had to walk back down the steps to take a tour of the castle's rooms.

[Chinese posing in the corridor of the fortress]                                   [Castilla-Leon Shield ]

Here is where the king Fransisco and queen Isabella sat. The banner above the thrones says "Tanto Monta." This signified the unification of castilla which is the queen's side and leon which is the kings side."What's mine is yours and what's yours is mine."

The mural on the back wall is of Isabella becoming queen. Walking into this room we were told to concentrate on the mural on the far wall. This mural was based on December 13th, the feast day of St. Lucy. All of the people in this mural have there eyes blacked out. Freaky!

This woman ended up in some of my pictures. This room were ceremonies were held was in the castle. The window the woman is standing in was meant to keep women out of the ceremonies... this lady is just trying to change history.

More sweet view outside of the castle. This garden wasn't open for us to walk around in... but I know someone is lucky enough to walk around in it. Someone's gotta maintain it!

A room with more armor and cool things to use in battle... Plus a coin press!

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