Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 25-26

Last Friday of the trip... I had my final today. We were luckily allowed to have our class as a review and also given the option of 2 essay questions. This made my life a lot easier. I was able to write my essay in between the review class and test time. I am sure I did well on this test; i felt a lot better coming out of it than my last one that's for sure.
More fiestas today. I was able to see this amazing acrobatic spectacular. Then we headed over to the bars and there were fireworks (which we missed). There was another concert in the Plaza Mayor again accept this time it was a spanish boy band, not my type of music but it was all a fun time. We ended the night with some dancing. Like always, it was a good night.

Off to Madrid. Mission: Find crossfit and make a t-shirt trade. Mission complete!! Mundo Crossfit is amazing. I walk up the driveway and see monster truck tires. First thought: they move those! Then I walk into this massive garage and all over there are kettle bells, rings, weights and more. I was so excited! I met the trainer and he invited me to workout. Unfortunately I wasn't wearing the right clothes. I'm sad I found it so late in my trip because I would have gone back to at least have one class. It looked like so much fun I was almost speechless.

Traveled a bit through Madrid. Learned the metro system and had an overall good experience and a fun time.
Tonight: back out for the fiestas. My last Saturday in Segovia, Spain. I'm going to miss it a lot.

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