Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 22-24

This was a laid back day. Didn't really do much. I did some last minute shopping around Segovia. Found out my test grade from my history midterm was really upsetting. So upsetting in fact he didn't grade the tests. I was a little upset. We continued reviewing because we had a final coming up on Friday. I learned that the Fiestas start this weekend. On Thursday to be exact. Yay! with a final on Friday... PERFECT!

Today was another good day (not really). I found out that we are going to Salamanca on Saturday and I really really wanted to try going to Madrid on my own. Who knows when I'll be back in Spain!?
One of the girls in my group wanted to visit a Police station to exchange patches. So we visited and it was pretty cool. They didn't have the patches but she is going to try again when we go to the airport...

I found out I can actually make it to Madrid on my own. Well I'll be going safely accompanied by a roommate while the rest of my class goes to Salamanca. I can't possibly be everywhere at once, I had to choose!
Tonight was our farewell dinner. It was a fun/happy/sad moment all together. I've had a lot of fun with this group and I couldn't have asked for better company. I have been so happy with where I'm living and everything as a whole has been such a great experience.
This is Cochinillo. The main dish of Segovia. It requires a special ceremony that is given to those who earn it by the king and Queen, before you eat it. Slowly cooked baby pig that is cut with a plate and then the plate is thrown on the ground. This was a delicious but heavy meal. The pork melts in your mouth. YUM!
This is Puri and me. She is the woman that has been taking very good care of me during my stay in Segovia. I will miss her dearly.
Study for the final test then party all weekend!!!!

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