Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 18-19

Classes then we spent the night out again. It was a good time but I still think that the first weekend couldn't be beat. Probably because we were just finding new places. Now we have regular places and it's become routine.

We visited La Granja which is about a 20 minute bus ride out of Segovia. First we were able to see first hand how glass is blown. It was a pretty interesting experience. I went to Venice last summer and saw glass blowing there for the first time. When I saw it here I actually saw the people at work, where in Venice it was a presentation. We walked around and saw displays of different pieces from around the world. My imagination ran wild and I thought of good ideas to decorate my future house with glass art!!


After the glass we checked out the royal palace of Carlos V. Now this was the most amazing palace I've seen on this trip. The gardens were amazing and there were millions of rooms. There was one side of the palace just for the children!  Separate areas for the maids to walk through, a queen side and a king side. The king didn't like to eat with people but he had his court watch him pick through the 14 selections of the first, second, third and dessert courses for each meal. Then everyone else was allowed to eat, basically the leftovers. Crazy! I liked the king's bedroom best. His bed was huge and he had an amazing view out of his window every time he woke up. This palace was great and imagine they had four different palaces for each season of the year! El Escorial was the winter palace and this one was the summer one.

    [tumbas del los reyes]

 We came back to Segovia for our nap time before we hit la calle de los barres again. We found a new bar and met some locals. I love talking to the locals and learning the different slang words. It's fun and we were able to talk about music that they listen to most here. Good time!

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