Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 17

It's Thursday already. Oh how time flies... 
I feel the need to get everyone souvenirs. Who knows We'll see. Maybe I'll spoil myself while I'm here!
In class today we learned about the juderia. Basically we learned about the jewish residencies around Segovia and then toured around to check out where the Jewish people were allowed to go and how they lived.

 This is Corpus Christi. A church now that used to me a synagogue. The story behind the painting (behind Robert) is that the Jews were in this synagogue and had found a host and wanted to destroy it. They try to catch it and put it in a pot of boiling water but the host (holy spirit) is smart and gets away. Apparently  it flies away and lands in another church or something.

This is what the traditional houses in Segovia look like in the Jewish residencies.


This is one of the entryways that had been closed off at night to keep the Jewish people in one place, it is said "for their own protection."
This used to be where the Jewish people butchered the animals and as a Kosher preparation of the meat they would have the blood drain down the hill... Gross!

 We had to walk through this small tunnel under the road to get to the Jewish cemeteries... (Actual size person; this is not an illusion)
These are the Jewish cemeteries that have been uncovered and caves in which the bodies were buried as well.

Killer steps we had to walk up to get to an amazing view... "Hey kids I just want to let you know that you will be hiking up a steep mountain. Just so you are prepared for the walk." FYI: This was never told to us so we went unprepared!

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