Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 11-13

classes then a night on the town meeting people and having a blast. Free drinks, new people, tons of dancing and fun.
An excursion to El Escorial. Felipe II built this grill- looking building that has a monastery, library, church to meet all needs of knowledge, faith. It was build to look this way in memory of San Lorenzo who was killed by being burned on a grill. This was done on August 10, the hottest day of the year. After El Escorial we were able to get into El Valle de los Caidos. This is a forbidden area for tourists to visit but since we said we were entering for religious purposes it was alright. To my knowledge this is a shrine to Franco, a very powerful dictator. There is a massive cross on top of a mountain about the length of a football field. The mountain has been excavated into about 3 football fields in. It's a monastery and many people who have died under Franco's dictatorship are buried there.  They say they don't know what to do with this place because it's an embarrassment. This is like Hitler having a shrine.
Sleep.... then out again for round dos of partying. Tonight is "luna llena." There are fiestas happening everywhere. We hung out in la Plaza Mayor to a DJ playing in middle of the square and group of people just having a good time. I think I'll miss that the most. Having a drink in the square and dancing and singing with friends. Good Times :)


 Some more of the view from my terraza... I can't get enough of it!

It was a day to relax. Or so I thought...
Brunch at our professor's house. Soccer with his kids. That was exhausting! Some studying for the midterm on Tuesday. Church tonight. Finally a goodbye to the friends we met this weekend. They will be going back to their homes tomorrow.

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