Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 10-11

We went around Segovia and visited roman influenced churches the first one was Iglesia de San Milan where we got to see the ceiling they had preserved in the basement. Some paintings were still on the walls and the organ was going to celebrate it's 300th birthday. We plan on going to mass here on sunday to experience mass in Spain. (We haven't yet.)
The next one was Iglesia de San Justo a lot smaller. It's original paintings are only at the front of the church because it's original roof had fallen and the rain washed away the rest. Apparently the churches had been covered in paintings and drawings of the stories of the Bible because churches were the place to go to be educated. No one knew how to read or write.

[Story of Adam & Eve]   
  [The Last Supper]
  [The walls that were painted but washed away]

 It's been a pretty laid back day. Every Thursday since the mid 1400's when Enrique IV reined, there has been a market in Plaza Mayor. We went there between classes. They have everything from fruits and vegetables to clothes, books and records. Our second class scared me because we have a midterm on Tuesday and it's a lot of information to memorize. I've been reading and studying so it shouldn't be too bad. Going out for tapas and vino, for a relaxing evening before I hit the lecturas again.

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