Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 2

Extremely jet-lagged.... I was worried about the alarm not working and being late to class in the morning. I think I should learn to take in the spanish custom of being fashionably late. What's the rush right? I'm here to have a good time and learn new things!
We made it to class this morning. We only had one class. Tomorrow we will begin the second. There was more of an orientation today and more information was thrown at us about the aqueduct.

 [Chinese tourists in Segovia]

"La Mujer Muerta" You can see a woman laying on her back on the mountain tops. There is a story to that but we weren't told it.

This aqueduct is built so it tilts 1 degree for the water to run through it. There are 2 filters that the water runs through to take away any sand or debris in it.
  This aqueduct was constructed by the Romans about 2,000 years ago and the rocks are held together by a keystone. Yup that's right no cement, no clay, nothing! It's amazing. I described it like the game Jenga. It's the pieces that are really tough to take out of the tower.

The long part right underneath the Virgin Mary is where the date was written long ago. There are markings showing that there had once been letters mounted on the stones.
Learned some new words for things today and did some shopping. Had to buy an iron because "en esta casa no aplanchamos." Yea, my jaw dropped when I heard that too. Here are some cool pictures too. I like to find weird things other than buildings from years ago. The one on the left is a growing skull interpreted as life and death. The picture on the right is a robber painted in the window.

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