Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 1

May 30, 2011

 Today is my first day in Segovia, Spain to live with a family and experience another life outside of New York. I will be staying here for 1 month to experience the residential life and study. It is such a beautiful town. It is peaceful, nonviolent and kept neatly. It seems like an entirely different world. Nothing has come across too foreign yet but I'm sure it will happen soon. In the village everything is walking distance and cobble stone or brick roads. The buildings are typical Spanish style houses with red rooftops and stone walls. Much of Segovia is cathedrals and churches with decor influenced by the Roman/ Greek time period.
The view from my balcony:

I've never been away from home like this, traveling alone and living with strangers, but it's not that bad. The woman here takes in students all the time and treats them like her own. She is a very sweet, caring woman, but very busy. She is a psychologist and volunteers sometimes. Not only does she have patients to take care of, but she is always home to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner. As of now there are 3 others living in the house with me. It is nice to have other girls here to help with Spanish or that need help, knowing I can lend the helping hand is always great.
We found out where the Plaza Mayor is and how to get to and from school. The Aqueduct is very beautiful, I didn't want to stop taking pictures.

Here is a peek at what I saw today, from my living arrangements to the view:

 My bathroom and room:

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