Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 27

My last day in Segovia...
Paella Popular:
Paella is a rice dish made with chicken, shrimp and mussels. It must have been the hottest day that I had experienced in Segovia. It was a death march through the Alameda. I think it hit over 100 degrees! We made it to the park where they were making this wonderful paella and there were families everywhere enjoying the food and company of one another. I'm going to miss seeing families together enjoying each others company. The paella pans were enormous and the portions were huge! The line to get the food was like a line at Six Flags to get on your favorite ride. We had an extra ticket and thought to get the dish so we could split it later, come to find out we were too full! It was so0o good but I think I would have enjoyed the hot meal better if I wasn't on the verge of passing out. 
A trek through the Alameda once more, 2 warm bottles of water and an icy later...
I was back home to have a siesta! That night for dinner, my host mother Puri was nice enough to invite my classmates to eat on the terrace of her house. We watched the beautiful sun set, ate tortilla and empanadas and just enjoyed each others company one last time. Our view of the village was amazing and to top it off we had classical music playing in the background because there was a ballet performance being held near the aqueduct. We reminisced about our month and how much fun it had been.We wondered where our time had gone. Time really does fly when you are having fun.
We took one last walk around Segovia and took in what we could. It was so sad the thought of going back to New York the next day. I was happy that I was going to see my family again, at the same time I wanted to stay in Segovia with the new people I have grown to love in my month being here.

Our trip had been "Surreal" and "Bittersweet."  Remember: "You only live once, so enjoy it while you can."
Never forget our long island, mother accents. "Make sure you call me when you have the key in the door." "Nuns have bad habits." "Oh look at the Americans in flip flops and shorts!" impersonations of people. Vale, Venga tia. Si si si si si. Majo. Me molas. Eres super guay! Until we meet again at the Platha, the aqueduct or the bancos...

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 25-26

Last Friday of the trip... I had my final today. We were luckily allowed to have our class as a review and also given the option of 2 essay questions. This made my life a lot easier. I was able to write my essay in between the review class and test time. I am sure I did well on this test; i felt a lot better coming out of it than my last one that's for sure.
More fiestas today. I was able to see this amazing acrobatic spectacular. Then we headed over to the bars and there were fireworks (which we missed). There was another concert in the Plaza Mayor again accept this time it was a spanish boy band, not my type of music but it was all a fun time. We ended the night with some dancing. Like always, it was a good night.

Off to Madrid. Mission: Find crossfit and make a t-shirt trade. Mission complete!! Mundo Crossfit is amazing. I walk up the driveway and see monster truck tires. First thought: they move those! Then I walk into this massive garage and all over there are kettle bells, rings, weights and more. I was so excited! I met the trainer and he invited me to workout. Unfortunately I wasn't wearing the right clothes. I'm sad I found it so late in my trip because I would have gone back to at least have one class. It looked like so much fun I was almost speechless.

Traveled a bit through Madrid. Learned the metro system and had an overall good experience and a fun time.
Tonight: back out for the fiestas. My last Saturday in Segovia, Spain. I'm going to miss it a lot.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 22-24

This was a laid back day. Didn't really do much. I did some last minute shopping around Segovia. Found out my test grade from my history midterm was really upsetting. So upsetting in fact he didn't grade the tests. I was a little upset. We continued reviewing because we had a final coming up on Friday. I learned that the Fiestas start this weekend. On Thursday to be exact. Yay! with a final on Friday... PERFECT!

Today was another good day (not really). I found out that we are going to Salamanca on Saturday and I really really wanted to try going to Madrid on my own. Who knows when I'll be back in Spain!?
One of the girls in my group wanted to visit a Police station to exchange patches. So we visited and it was pretty cool. They didn't have the patches but she is going to try again when we go to the airport...

I found out I can actually make it to Madrid on my own. Well I'll be going safely accompanied by a roommate while the rest of my class goes to Salamanca. I can't possibly be everywhere at once, I had to choose!
Tonight was our farewell dinner. It was a fun/happy/sad moment all together. I've had a lot of fun with this group and I couldn't have asked for better company. I have been so happy with where I'm living and everything as a whole has been such a great experience.
This is Cochinillo. The main dish of Segovia. It requires a special ceremony that is given to those who earn it by the king and Queen, before you eat it. Slowly cooked baby pig that is cut with a plate and then the plate is thrown on the ground. This was a delicious but heavy meal. The pork melts in your mouth. YUM!
This is Puri and me. She is the woman that has been taking very good care of me during my stay in Segovia. I will miss her dearly.
Study for the final test then party all weekend!!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 20-21

A relax day. We thought we would get away without seeing our professors and be able to recover from the night before. We were wrong.
There have been protests about the economic crisis taking place in Madrid since the 15th of may. All of these people have been standing up and defending the fact that we shouldn't be laid off and not be able to find jobs. Our professors suggested we see this 15 M of Segovia. Since we had nothing else to do we marched in the protest. It was really fun to see all of these people get together and stand up for their rights to work.
I didn't take any pictures but we made the pictures in the article!!!!

Class... I went to la Alameda for a run. It took me an hour to get back home and it was a great run. I think I'm going to do it again before I leave. It's so much better than worrying about cars everywhere you go. It's relaxing and a great scene. After we went to try the local Chinese restaurant. It was really good and I wish our Chinese food tasted that good! Then we walked around and people watched. :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 18-19

Classes then we spent the night out again. It was a good time but I still think that the first weekend couldn't be beat. Probably because we were just finding new places. Now we have regular places and it's become routine.

We visited La Granja which is about a 20 minute bus ride out of Segovia. First we were able to see first hand how glass is blown. It was a pretty interesting experience. I went to Venice last summer and saw glass blowing there for the first time. When I saw it here I actually saw the people at work, where in Venice it was a presentation. We walked around and saw displays of different pieces from around the world. My imagination ran wild and I thought of good ideas to decorate my future house with glass art!!


After the glass we checked out the royal palace of Carlos V. Now this was the most amazing palace I've seen on this trip. The gardens were amazing and there were millions of rooms. There was one side of the palace just for the children!  Separate areas for the maids to walk through, a queen side and a king side. The king didn't like to eat with people but he had his court watch him pick through the 14 selections of the first, second, third and dessert courses for each meal. Then everyone else was allowed to eat, basically the leftovers. Crazy! I liked the king's bedroom best. His bed was huge and he had an amazing view out of his window every time he woke up. This palace was great and imagine they had four different palaces for each season of the year! El Escorial was the winter palace and this one was the summer one.

    [tumbas del los reyes]

 We came back to Segovia for our nap time before we hit la calle de los barres again. We found a new bar and met some locals. I love talking to the locals and learning the different slang words. It's fun and we were able to talk about music that they listen to most here. Good time!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 17

It's Thursday already. Oh how time flies... 
I feel the need to get everyone souvenirs. Who knows We'll see. Maybe I'll spoil myself while I'm here!
In class today we learned about the juderia. Basically we learned about the jewish residencies around Segovia and then toured around to check out where the Jewish people were allowed to go and how they lived.

 This is Corpus Christi. A church now that used to me a synagogue. The story behind the painting (behind Robert) is that the Jews were in this synagogue and had found a host and wanted to destroy it. They try to catch it and put it in a pot of boiling water but the host (holy spirit) is smart and gets away. Apparently  it flies away and lands in another church or something.

This is what the traditional houses in Segovia look like in the Jewish residencies.


This is one of the entryways that had been closed off at night to keep the Jewish people in one place, it is said "for their own protection."
This used to be where the Jewish people butchered the animals and as a Kosher preparation of the meat they would have the blood drain down the hill... Gross!

 We had to walk through this small tunnel under the road to get to the Jewish cemeteries... (Actual size person; this is not an illusion)
These are the Jewish cemeteries that have been uncovered and caves in which the bodies were buried as well.

Killer steps we had to walk up to get to an amazing view... "Hey kids I just want to let you know that you will be hiking up a steep mountain. Just so you are prepared for the walk." FYI: This was never told to us so we went unprepared!